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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Got a new cart today Paper Doll Dress up

I could play with these Paper doll cartridges and never run out of stuff to create I recommend both of these they are so much fun!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Some cards and a cut created from Paisley

Ok I am to sure why for the last few days (since I got this cart) I have been having such a block on how to do the designs.... well I guess I got unblocked because in about an hour maybe less I created two cards and a cut I will put on a card later from Paisley.....

LOVE that Cart!!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

There has been a bunch of talk about making your own embossing folders using the Cricut- I didnt make a folder but I did make an embossing plate here is the plate and some of the stuff I Embossed

This is created (using recycled materials) cut the image using multi cut (would probably work better with the deep cut blade - any way I used an old box from the kitchen I have heard of cereal and others I used a box from crackers (they are all about the same thickness - I also used my Xyron Sticker machine to stick the cut to the plain piece of board (note you do not want the board any bigger than a standard folder.  To emboss the item you need a rubber mat I went to Lowes and got a rubber plumbers mat it was very  enexpensive, I bought 2 so I will have one on hand, I then used the rubber mat on top of the paper to make the embossing plate like a folder.... worked great.... I will post pictures of how to do it later... will edit this post.

  Heres the Embossed paper added inking and stickles to give it some more texture....

Been playing with the Mothersday cart.

Heres a little card I came up with still not sure of the sentiment - was thinking Birthday or thank you but can't figure out the font yet.... we shall see.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got Carts today!!!!!

I got Batman- Superman- Everyday Paper Dolls- and Paisley
I Made a journal cover using Batman - it is for an 8 your old boy
the paper Dolls are just playing with the cartarige that one is going to be so much fun!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One more quilt - this was before I finished the top

These are some dishcloths I knitted

More cards

These are cards I made some were just trying stuff others are actually for people....

These are a set of thank you cards I made for my mom to send to people

Ok so the question is - is she going to send them out or keep them because I made them :-)

OK here are some of my cards - Most have Cricut or Cuttlebug embellishments

I am still learning and I also only have a few Cartridges but I am working on that have 4 on order.... and I recently got a couple I haven't done much with yet.... so I will be creating many more - and hopefully getting better !

here are some bags i have made (these are for sale on Etsy)

Both these bags are made out of completely recycled clothing....
I plan on doing an entire line of unique bags to sell

tri fold card - love these and they are fun and easy

NICU Scrapbook Pages for my Oldest Grandson

Jacob will be 8 on his Birthday he is in perfect health now but spend his first few months in the NICU we jokingly call him our Million Dollar Baby because all in all his Hospital bill was over One Million Dollars - we are very thankful he is healthy and a very normal young man...

Table runners for my Mom and Daughter

Christmas presents continue....

Quilts I made for as Christmas gifts

A few Cricut projects

These are a few of the projects I have done with my Cricut mostly playing with new carts and just trying things out.

About my Blog -

I will be posting my scrap booking/card making projects as well as my sewing and quilting projects, sewing is my passion scrap booking is my hobby and I am loving it as much as sewing....I eventually will be posting online sewing lessons ad card making ideas hope you come back and visit often!