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Friday, March 26, 2010

There has been a bunch of talk about making your own embossing folders using the Cricut- I didnt make a folder but I did make an embossing plate here is the plate and some of the stuff I Embossed

This is created (using recycled materials) cut the image using multi cut (would probably work better with the deep cut blade - any way I used an old box from the kitchen I have heard of cereal and others I used a box from crackers (they are all about the same thickness - I also used my Xyron Sticker machine to stick the cut to the plain piece of board (note you do not want the board any bigger than a standard folder.  To emboss the item you need a rubber mat I went to Lowes and got a rubber plumbers mat it was very  enexpensive, I bought 2 so I will have one on hand, I then used the rubber mat on top of the paper to make the embossing plate like a folder.... worked great.... I will post pictures of how to do it later... will edit this post.

  Heres the Embossed paper added inking and stickles to give it some more texture....

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