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Monday, April 26, 2010

A little sewing project

We have had an issue with our Body Pillow cases, one of the zippers broke and also cased a scratch with the tab, not only uncomfortable but annoying, after looking at 4 different stores for replacement case and only finding micro fiber non absorbent cases (if you sleep with you you want microfiber???? I think Not!
So discussion ensued and bedding departments browsed and realize that two bath towels would be the perfect length to use for a pillow case so we purchased a green and a green stripped towel and I stitched up three sides (long sides and one short side) and it was perfect - it is a loose fit but the towels are soft and the pillows stay put .... and no zippers to deal with!!!  after about a week decided to make another for the other pillow used the same towels just in Blue (the green ones were the last two left )

You can see the back with the solid towel in the view below

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