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Monday, May 17, 2010

Here is a layout I did tonight

My Book has a variety of things about my life in it.... I will copy the journal part which is a very personal story

This page - the letters are from Hannah Montana and so are the notes, the pictures are matted with paper embossed with the cuttlebug music folder, the journaling is printed using the ariel font in bold italic

It is a great story - you just know when things are supposed to happen, I am of Scottish decent and we (my Parents and I ) go to the Loch Norman Scottish games every year (it is about 4 miles from my house now) it is one of the largest Scottish events on the east coast, well the year I got separated from my now Ex Husband, I went as usual (I have always loved the harp but never wanted to take lessons or anything because they are price prohibitive) large peddle harps run 10,000 and up - any way I know they had a harp competition every year at the games but I had never gone to it - in my mind they were playing very small lap harps...but I told my mom I really wanted to see it, so I went to the building where they have it (it is open on three sides so more like a shelter) and I got there early enough to sit under the roof, well what I saw was these beautiful floor harps and the music was amazing, well there was this woman there with one of her students and we were chatting a bit and she told me she taught a harp class at our local community college that was about 100 dollars it was for the fall semester and in the continuing ed department,  well I signed up and one of the things she does is a Christmas concert at the end of the class - we actually learned how to play several pieces and learned hand position and other stuff it was great fun and I learned a lot well I purchased a harp and it was 2000 verses 10,000 so I have this lovely instrument in my loft and I can walk by and touch it whenever I want and I did it for me I have no desire to play for others besides friends and family and it as helped a lot in the healing.....what was really funny is when I told my brother I said so guess what instrument I am learning to play and he said Harp without hesitation because he has knownI loved it that much .... 

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