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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Frixon pens

I found this summary and wanted to share that this is why I do not use and will not carry frixion pens -----

So in summary, straight from the manufacturer’s mouth so to speak, a summary of using the Frixion pens on fabric:
1.      Frixion pens combine gel ink and thermo ink. You are marking your quilt with a gel pen that disappears.
2.      The marks will reappear if the quilt gets cold (anything below freezing I think-I did not confirm the specific temperature) unless the mark is completely removed with an ink remover. Even after a thorough steam of the marks, they will reappear in the cold. This is part of the inherent chemistry of the ink combination.
3.      To completely remove the ink so that it will not ghost or reappear in the cold, you will need an ink remover and also may possibly need to scrub the area. The manufacturer has tested Amodex and Mötsenböcker’s Lift-Off 3 and found them to be fairly effective in removing the ink.
4.      Frixion pens sometimes leave a ghost mark after steaming. This is the thermo ink showing on the quilt, not the gel. The Pilot rep said to rid the piece of ghost marks you would need to treat it with the ink removers listed above.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Made major progress on the quilt project, should have it quilted and bound hopefully Wednesday -

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

So here is a bit of progress made in my Studio today, I was excited to finally get all the tools needed fro my fishy quilt which is a reward to myself when I get the purple black and gray one done.... Draw string bags were a request to hold our remotes and game controllers as they keep getting misplaced....

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Applique Workshop I attended

So the goal of the workshop was to learn how to do applique using freezer paper,
the final project is a cute applique baby quilt.

So we cut our shapes (I will be using my scan n cut to cut my shapes from this point forward....
you then iron them onto the front of your fabric ! cut around it using your 1/4 inch seam allowance then peel the freezer paper and put it on the back and using a small iron (Clover handheld is best) press down the seam allowance - leave the paper on and hand applique ---- attach with basting glue, use silk thread and a very fine applique needle and you are off.....

Learned so much and had so much fun and don't think Hand is a 4 letter word any more .....

I found it to be spiritually renewing as well...

Its been a while since I've posted something here, I have been rather Busy.....

Managing a quilt shop is quite time consuming, I have not been idle in the mean time I an just in the process of rethinking my Business, and going to take a long needed Hiatus to do this.

This is a quilt I am currently working on, I also took the time out to take a workshop with My Quilt Guild, I learned so much and felt renewed and ready to pass on my knowledge to my Students at the shop.  Will post and entry later with those details...

Signing off for now .....